Birth Day

A face-scratcher and a cone-head were born on the twelfth and the thirteenth respectively, and they would be connected throughout their journeys until their bodies returned to the earth.

Pretty romantic way to begin life and this blog, but it leads me to think about how our experiences shape our perceptions, values, and what we seek in life which has very much to do with what I create.  It is true that I began life with a best friend my own age from the start.  We were the only two babies in the nursery, so we had no choice but to bond.  We probably talked in vaudeville voices about our traumatic vaginal trips over coffee with wigs on our tiny heads, but that’s just our style.  That’s just how we do things.  We are about to begin our 37th year.

Portrait of Samm (Schwann), 2013

Portrait of Samm (Schwann), 2013

I began life connected to another person who wasn’t a direct relative through a shared experience of simply arriving in this living world.  A lot of us did when you think of all the newborn nurseries around the world, but few of us can say that we know their names, where they are now, or what kind of bowel movements they have had lately.  I honestly, without any embarrassment, can say that I can, and evidently whole husk psyllium has made all the difference.

I didn’t have any blood brothers or sisters, but I do have brothers and sisters that I have found through life.  My experiences have shown me that we do not have to come from the same genes in order to be related and deeply connected with one another.  The dividing lines between all of us are social constructs that are as real as a mirage of cheesecake on my desk.  Though I don’t especially like the divisions between us, I very much enjoy a good slice of cheesecake.

It is from this place of connectivity that my philosophy of life has taken shape and it plays a key role in the works I create.  I hope to share this with you more as this blog develops, as well as catalysts that influence my work, my creative process along with works in progress, and reflections of different art topics and “real” life.  I’m especially looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading and cheers to our journey together,


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  1. I agree with you completely, family definitely extends further than blood. Love this painting, keep up the great work! Really enjoyed reading this post, looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future! 🙂


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