9th Annual Big 500 Art Exhibition



9th Annual Big 500 Art Show: December 10 – 23rd at the Ford Gallery, Portland


I have five works in the show this year!  This marks the first year that I was invited to participate and I am so excited to do so.  I have a small series of mixed media works in the show titled, “Biohazard:  How to Protect Yourself”.  This series is a continuation of techniques that I have been working on over this past year culminating into one cohesive series made of dry point etchings, layered-drawings, and journalistic writing.

If you get an opportunity, head down to the show before it’s over.  So many amazing works by amazing local artists all in one place – absolutely awesome feat by many!  Thank you to Chris Haberman, Jason Brown, the Ford Gallery, and all of the artists who participated!