Murray and Millikan Way

And here is the first of new work:


“Murray and Millikan Way” 2018, Krystal Booth. Mixed media on panel, 14×11″.


Murray and Millikan Way intersect within a mile of where we live and it is also the site of a homicide that occurred at the entrance of The Courts (a sports complex) in 2016. The shooter says that it was due to believing the driver was reaching for his glove compartment. The shooter thought that he was reaching for a gun. It was self-defense he said as he showered the car with bullets.

A big fucking misunderstanding. A pissing contest. A battle of testasterone perhaps.

It was caused by fear, confusion, adrenaline, and carrying a gun.

None of the explanations change the outcome. We lost someone in our community who was only twenty-three years old. Who were you when you were twenty-three?

An intersection of lives that went too fast –

Slow down.