Krystal Booth is an artist driven by narrative, exploration of materials, and humanistic themes. She is fascinated by stories that reveal humanity. Her resulting body of work is a culmination of vigorous study and experimentation as she examines the human desire of connecting with each other and nature.

Krystal earned her BFA and BA from Indiana University through Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne.  While in college, she enjoyed several jobs from material handling in a paper forms factory, to tattooing, to mixing house paint, to being a life skills trainer.  Upon graduation, she enjoyed teaching art education for elementary school students.

She was born in Coldwater, Michigan and grew up in the cozy small town of Angola, Indiana. After living in Orlando, New York City, and Fort Wayne, Krystal realized the Pacific Northwest was taunting her with its temperate climate, expansive terrain, and oceanic coast. In 2010, she made Portland, Oregon her home and has been inspired by the beauty and people there ever since.

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